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Flannel Shirts

You don't have to be in a grunge band or lug about tree trunks to get away with wearing a flannel shirt. In actual fact, I can't think of one person who doesn't own a flannel shirt. Can you? If you don't own one yourself, then quickly add one to cart now and we wont tell anyone... promise.
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Flannel Shirts

It's weird when you think of flannel shirts and how they have come to be. On one side you have popular grunge bands in the 90's such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam who were rarely seen without one. But on the other side the flannel shirt was a must have item for men, manly men with beards who work outdoors and eat squirrel for lunch. The two are hardly kindred spirits and yet they find a connection in a plaid flannel shirt. We are big fans of the flannel shirt here at Harper and Lewis.

In fact, we don't think a day goes by when one of our staff isn't wearing a flannel shirt. Both women and men sport their plaid either with skinny jeans or cut off Levi's denim shorts. and if you're thinking of festival season, well you are sorted for your outfit. a flannel shirt can be worn normally, or if it gets a bit hot then just tie it around your waist. and if it gets crazy, then hey just tie it around your head and start a new trend. Anything goes when you're at a festival! They look pretty awesome teamed up with your new Levi's Denim Jackets too.

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