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A Brief History of Dungarees, sort of...


Dungarees rocketed into the top 5 must have items back in the 90's, thanks to Clarissa Explains it all. Ring a bell? Well before Melissa Joan Hart had her own show with some bloke called Joey and before she became a teenage witch, she was the super cool kid who had the most badass wardrobe which consisted of dungarees, a lot of lycra, neon, leather jackets and hairbands.

Seriously, she looked awesome and every young girl wanted to be her. If you're into the 90's revival, then you're welcome, you have now found the princess of 90's fashion awesomeness. Of course there were a few other celebs who donned a pair of dungarees in the 90's, such as Will Smith, the entire cast of Sister Sister and the adorable Olson Twins. That was obviously before they drowned themselves in black "I'm too cool to smile" drab clothing.

Harper and Lewis are here to show you the way in the world of dungarees, opt for the vintage collection. If you want to be true to the 90's revival, then we highly recommend our collection of vintage dungarees from brands such as Levi's, Lee and Wrangler. Don't forget to check out the Levi's Denim Shorts and Levi's Denim Jackets to finish off your 90's look.

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