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Boom boom boom let me hear you say Bumbags... bumbags! With the 90's now a distant memory, almost 30 years ago, that generation will be content knowing that they passed down a piece of iconic accessory. If you're a historian with a vast knowledge of 90's culture, then you'll know all the cool kids wore a bumbag. From Will Smith as Fresh Prince to the Spice Girls.
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Why Do You Need a Bumbag?

Festival goers have your checklist at the ready! Harper and Lewis have all your needs, well apart from the dry shampoo and loo roll - you're on your own for those. But when it comes to your wardrobe, what do you need? What is THE look this year? Well let's stop you there, it's the same awesome look every year. Grab yourself a bumbag, levi's denim shorts, a flannel shirt and a badass t-shirt. Oh and some wellies will probably come in handy too, this is England after all.

Your mum will be proud as you show off your bumbag accessory. She will be thinking you're being so sensible looking after your valuables on your waist. Little does she know that you're wearing it as a fashion statement... that happens to be very useful carrying your money, phone, bit of loo roll and lippy. Harper and Lewis have a fantastic range of Bumbags, you need to get involved and buy one today! Whilst you're at it, why not get matching ones for your friends too. Festival Squad Goals. Don't forget to keep an eye out for Harper and Lewis this festival season, we'll have stalls at most of the UK's top festivals - there's no escaping a bumbag now.

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