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The Instagram Filters You Couldn't Live Without!


Everyone has their own personal favourite Instagram filter that you would ove to use for every image. The truth is, not every filter suits every image.  Here’s a run down of some of our favourite filters.


It’s the go to filter that manages to intensify and brighten at the same time – how is this possible? We’re still trying to figure that one out. It makes the simplest of images look studio ready.


It brightens everything and makes the colours in your images pop. It’s the perfect filter to overlay your natural landscape images or even to make your local park look idyllic.


Want to give your images an aged and vintage feel, then the Amaro filter is here at your service. However, don’t use images that are dark when applying this filter. Amaro has a centre focus which brightens up the middle section of the image whilst giving a vignette effect to the edges. Will be more eye catching when using with real-life images such as street art and trees.


Wondered why it’s called rise? Maybe because of the serious GLOW-Up this filter gives you. It not only brightens up your images it adds a subtle yellow tint to them that is guarenteed to make your face look fleeky AF even when you think it’s a bad selfie day. It’s a great every day filter but when it comes to portraits and selfies that’s where you will see Rise really shine.


My personal favourite, because it’s an all rounder! It focuses in on and blurs all the right places of your picture, leaving you feeling like you can be the photographer on Blue Planet. It doesn’t take away any particluar features from your image like some other filters do, it just intensifies everything, making the colours pop! The go to filter for everything, but especially when capturing the perfect dinosaur inspired outfit!



 This filter lowers the contrast of images and adds a slight warm feel and a pink tint. It is the most retro of the Instagram filters, as it adds a very vintage look to every photo. There is no perfect image to go with Nashville, as it can’t be categorised like the others – but trust me, one day you’ll take a photo an realise that it just needs the Nashville filter. 

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