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Within the fashion wold, whilst we evolved with flashing roller skates we often find ourselves in a circle repeating the outfits we saw our parents wear in their ‘good old days’. Vintage is the latest one to make a comeback and we’re loving every single minute of it.

Do i find it a bit weird that my dad was rocking the same jumper in the 80s that I’m wearing today, no I mean have you seen how sick my oversized jumper is?!?

Gone are the days (for now of course) of 90’s rapper baggy jeans and massive baseball jackets. We are now in the era of the skinny ripped jeans, mad jackets that can now be worn outside of the rave and wearing oversized jumpers as dresses.

For the past few years the return of the vintage has happened every couple of years, jumping in and out of the mainstream, but this time I think it’s here to stay. With creative work industries hiring individuals based on their individuality and expresssive clothing sense, people no longer feel confined to dress a certain manner in certain situations.

As a lot of vintage products are one offs now with each piece being unique due to old stains, rips and so on it makes people feel more alternative, more individual and more importantly it means you won’t be walking down the street with about 10 other people wearing the same stuff as you. 

So embrace it, get out there and get your vintage on. Pop into see us we’ll sort you right out.

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