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Top Budget Holiday Destinations Of The Year



Albania has long been ignored as a holiday destination. Emerging from a totalitarian regime in the early 1990s, it has to recover from a lot. But should that put you off? Certainly not!

It has mountains, crystal blue beaches, castles, road trips and beach parties. What else could you want?

This destination is yet to reach the mainstream, so go there while you can for a cheap and beautiful getaway filled with natural scenery such as Lake Ohrid as well as The Blue Eye Spring, which is just heavenly.

Get a tan, save some money, see some unique and untouched landscapes while you can, because once this secrets out, it’s out.


It’s breathtaking, forget all the renowned landscapes in America and Australia, Vietnam has so much history and an unforgettable culture. The prices of Vietnam are slowly creeping up as it is becoming more popular with travellers but it is still cheap compared to a lot of other holiday destinations.

If you are a fan of food then Vietnam has everything you want, whether it is noodles, soup or it’s infamous Pho. The street food stalls are filled with all the traditional and simple delicacies that allow you to truly experience Vietnamese life.


Iceland is one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern lights. I feel like that is enough of a reason to go. It as the quirkiest geography imaginable, you won’t believe un until you see it. 

The country is plentiful with natural blue lagoon hot pools that are dotted all around – just ask the locals they’ll tell you where to go.

It’s seen as a massive cultural spot, filled with fantastic live concerts and festivals allowing you to taste, dance and drink all that Iceland has to offer. 

It’s a truly odd and beautiful place, often known as the land of contrast, where everything you see feels like an oxymoron. I mean they have icebergs on the friggin’ beach!!

The Philippines

It’s paradise, like actual heaven on earth! Don’t believe me?Well, you’ll have to go then won’t you. 

Other than it’s white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, it has cheap alcohol and veyr hot weather even in the evening, so get your sunnies and your summer dress on for a night on the beach.

Filled with mountains, volcanoes, caves, lakes, waterfalls and the strangest wildlife you would be stupid to miss out. It’s the land where dreams come true.

And we can’t forget the people! You will honestly go there and come back with a new squad who are always down for the sesh as well as a shoulder to cry on. It’s much more than a holiday and you will never quite get enough of it, so book it in your diaries for a yearly return.

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